Why Should You Invest in Good Underwear? A Message to Men

DATE: April 1, 2024

Imagine you are going on a trip with your friends, wearing the most selective clothes you have in your wardrobe. You look like the most chilling dude with a great sense of summer fashion. 

But there’s a catch. All you focus on is your outer attire. 

Inside those cool lower and easy tops, there are uncomfortable underwear for men, making everything hot inside. 

Now, the case goes like this. You need to adjust your underwear every now & then. You feel it’s sweaty, extremely tight, and feels just not uncomfortable.

Truly, it may not be you all the time. But the truth is that men don’t really care about their inner comfort. All we think of is our outside attire sometimes. Hygiene is still far away from our to-do list. 

It’s high time that you all recognize the importance of investing in some premium quality underwear. Read this article till the end. 

Benefits of Investing in a Good Men’s Underwear

1. Offers You Optimum Comfort: 

The #1 reason you should invest in premium quality underwear for men is ‘COMFORT’. While men are always thought to be strong & tough, we deserve to need some intimate comfort as well. 

Dr Karen Pine, Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire says, “Wearing uncomfortable underwear can hurt mood and overall well-being.” 

Investing in premium quality underwear brings you that. Modern Crew underwear is made up of top notch fabric, made up of 90% Micro Modal and 10% Spandex. This composition gives ultimate comfort and makes the clothing breathable. This exclusive fabric, offered only in Modern Crew’s mens underwear,  is 3 times softer than regular cotton underwear, and has a great 360 degrees stretch to seamless fit on any body type.

Whether you like briefs, boxers, trunks, or short trunks, premium underwear for men adhere to the most intimate parts of men softly & gently, offering a true relaxing comfort all day long. 

2. Keep Hygiene and Health: 

Rashes or fungal infections are not new to men. We all know how irritating they can be especially when you’re trying to have a good fun day. Your one smart decision can reduce your everyday struggle by a hundred times. 

Dirty underwear can cause pubic lice, acne & skin issues, yeast infection, and urine tract infection. Your underwear can become a home to more than 10,000 microorganisms. Think about it once. 

Good quality underwear for men offer a breathable fabric and regulate moisture. These days many Premium quality innerwears like Modern Crew’s NEXT SKIN range of men’s trunks, briefs and short trunks are treated with Silver Ion finish. The silver-ion technology has natural anti-microbial properties that prevents microbial and bacterial growth and thus, controls the foul odour.   

Note- Silver Ion isn’t entirely made up with silver but the clothing material is infused with the silver fibres. Infused silver gives the underwear anti-microbial growth properties. 

This gives natural dryness all day long and prevents the risk of bacterial infection, sweating, and discomfort. 

3. Premium Quality Underwear Are More Durable:

Good quality underwear men are more durable and run along with you for years. Premium underwear uses good materials like high-quality cotton and Micro Modal. This fabric doesn’t only make underwear soft to your intimate body area but it also offers better tear-resistant properties. 

The technologically superior fabric with 10% spandex ensures that the men’s underwear shape doesn’t get distorted after multiple washes. This is helpful in the long run because you don’t have to buy new underwear every now & then.

4. Bring Confidence to Your Attire: 

Psychology says that good clothing brings confidence to people. Please note that it’s not just about your outer appearance. Good quality underwear offers optimum comfort and style. Their clothing material feels great to touch and stays soft in the intimate area, making you relaxed for all time. 

Not only does this luxury give you a super fun day but it reflects through your actions as well. Wearing stylish and comfortable underwear automatically boosts your confidence, assuring you that you’re best in your skin. Results, you spend each day with all your latent potential.

5. Stylish and Fashionable: 

Why worry about the underwear style when no one is going to see it inside? Buddy, leave these old-school adjustment policies already. 

Underwear today makes a good impression on your overall style. There are plenty of variations available from different designs and colours. 

Choose any of them that feels comfortable and aligns with your personal unique style. These underwear can complement your personal style for different occasions as well. 

Be it white briefs, briefs with patterns , colours, or vibrant solid underwear makes you stylish today. And if you’re getting a chance to be more like yourself, why aren’t you interested? 

6. Excellent Fit and Support: 

One of the most important factors in choosing underwear is support & fit. Ill-fit underwear brings extreme discomfort and causes awkward situations in public. 

These can even cause health issues such as testicular torsion. Remember those tight underwear that leave a mark on your belly & hips? 

They are not good for your testicular skin after all. 

Modern Crew underwear for men are designed with proactive support features called “contour pouch” and fit perfectly on your skin, soft & gent. Your skin breathes inside it and keeps you comfortable, preventing marks & aches. 

Modern Crew NEXT SKIN Underwear Also feature- 

Modern Crew NEXT SKIN Underwear

– Special Hem Designs for a snug fit on your legs. 

– Front-fly horizontal opening for quick and no-adjustment bathroom breaks.

– Premium quality wide and comfortable waistband made up of Microfiber Nylon. 

7. Keeps the Moisture Away: 

Moisture in your intimate area becomes an issue often. Especially when you’re physically active or you sweat a lot. Moisture inside nurtures the microorganism like a good mother. But that’s bad news for us. 

Your underwear should keep the area naturally dry and fresh. Good underwear recognizes this issue and wicks away the moisture. Dry & fresh intimate areas prevent all sorts of chafing & irritation, giving you an all-time set mood. 

8. Offers Breathing Fabrics: 

Your intimidating area always stays locked inside layers of clothing. This automatically reduces its exposure to sun and air compared to other body areas. Why that’s important is because it makes the area a favourite spot for microorganisms. 

Poor-quality underwear restricts airflow, causing skin irritation and potential health concerns. Conversely, premium quality underwear men are crafted from breathable materials alleviate these issues, ensuring comfort and well-being.

Generally, they are made up of high-grade cotton like Supima, Or Micro Modal Or Bamboo, etc.. Modern Crew underwear uses 90% Micro Modal and 10% Spandex in making trunks, short trunks, and briefs. This innovative formula keeps our underwear super breathable, flexible, and fresh all the way. 


Just like your outer appearance, your inside clothing does matter as well. As per the human psychology expert Dr Karen Pine, the clothing we carry shapes our overall personalities. But choosing premium underwear men over low-quality underwear isn’t only limited to confidence. 

Good quality underwear offers comfort, prevents rashes & other skin issues, offers intimate breathing, helps maintain hygiene, and fits just right on your skin. 

At Modern Crew, we crave for our customers’ comfort & offer them a luxury quality. These are built with 90% Micro Modal and 10% Spandex, giving them a super comfortable texture & feel for men. 

Men deserve softness too. 

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