• Material

    Bamboo-Cotton-spandex blend.
    Bamboo gives a soft feel, and cotton offers firmness.
    Spandex for stretchability to give improved fit.
    Perfect for everyday wear.

  • Care

    Only machine cold wash or gentle hand wash.
    Please DO NOT use a brush, it's harsh !

If you don't love your first piece, we will make it right by issuing an exchange / full refund


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Designed with a unique fabric, GLIDE vests are the best you can get. These are ultra-soft, with excellent moisture absorption and odour resistance, which makes them your perfect all-day companion!


  • Wide Straps

    Specially designed wide straps for better grip and utmost comfort

  • Premium Fabric

    Ultra-soft and smooth feel fabric with an exquisite ribbed look

  • No-Show Neckline

    Deeper neckline to flaunt your open first button looks

  • Anti-Odour, Anti-Bacterial

    The bacteriostatic bioagent "Bamboo-Kun" would keep it away from bacteria and hence makes it more odourless than your regular vests.

  • Stays Tucked In

    Forget tucking in every now and then with our vests that's designed relatively longer to stay tucked in

Premium Fabric

Ultra-soft and smooth feel fabric with an exquisite ribbed look

No-Show Neckline

Deeper neckline to flaunt your open first button looks

Anti-Odour, Anti-Bacterial

The bacteriostatic bioagent "Bamboo-Kun" would keep it away from bacteria and hence makes it more odourless than your regular vests.

Stays Tucked In

Forget tucking in every now and then with our vests that's designed relatively longer to stay tucked in



Bamboo-Cotton-Spandex fabric makes the product ultra-soft, durable, better fitting and luxurious looking.


Wicks away moisture and,
keeps you dry.


We enhanced fabric experience using sustainable Bio Wash that makes the garment smoother, softer, brighter, and glossier.


Stay cool in summers, stay warm in winters !
This fabric regulates the temperature between your body and the air, keeping you cooler in the summers and warmer during winters.


Made from a unique blend of bamboo, cotton and spandex and knit in a drop-needle structure, the fabric has an ultra-soft smooth feel with an exquisite ribbed look.
Ideal for a vest, this fabric composition makes GLIDE vests a ground-breaker in comfort.

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  1. Sanjay Joshi (verified owner)

    Product is very good and comfortable. And along with good product I highly impressed with the after sales service customer care. I really feel good with that and I will recommend my family and friends to buy the products from you.

  2. Kumar Kaushik (verified owner)

    Extremely loving it … it feels so light and comfortable

  3. Abhishek (verified owner)

    Quality bahut acchi hai hai
    But length thodi badi hai

    • Modern Crew Care (verified owner)

      Thank you for your positive feedback! We’re delighted to hear that you find the quality of our product excellent. We appreciate your input on the length, and we’ll certainly take that into consideration for future improvements. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to serving you again.

  4. Sreekanth Reddy (verified owner)

    The quality of the product is awesome, very comfortable while wearing.
    But it takes more time to dry when compared with others. This also gets saggy after a while.
    Overall it is good and but looks like thin & tearable.

    • Modern Crew Care (verified owner)

      Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We’re thrilled to hear that you find the quality of our product awesome and that it provides great comfort while wearing.

      In response to your concerns about drying time and the fabric appearing thin, we’d like to highlight that our product is made from high-quality bamboo cotton, which contributes to its exceptional comfort. While it may take a bit longer to dry due to its absorbent nature, rest assured that this material is super durable, and its longevity is one of its standout features.

      We appreciate your feedback on the appearance, and we’ll certainly take that into consideration for future enhancements.

  5. dr vishal singh (verified owner)

    highly recommended ! please keep up the quality n do not let us down

  6. Satyasheel Shetty (verified owner)

    Gives you a refreshing and silky feel. Very delicate vest.
    First time someone has come with a delicate fabric for men.
    Need to understand how durable it will be in long run.

  7. Shridhar Kamble (verified owner)

    Quality of the product is super cool….I liked it.

  8. Praveen kumar (verified owner)

    Amazing hand feel and comfort


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Modern Crew Bamboo Cotton Men’s Vest Online

Vests are having a resurgence in fashion, and the Modern Crew Glide Bamboo Cotton Vest is leading the way in men’s innerwear. This luxurious men’s vest material is expertly crafted with Bamboo, Cotton and spandex to provide superior comfort, support, and durability. Bamboo imparts a cloud-soft feel, cotton offers the right amount of firmness required, and spandex offers a little stretchability to give an improved fit.

The exquisite ribbed look of these men vests imparts a very premium look.

Designed as a superior solution to eliminate issues men have had with inner vests in the past, the Modern Crew Glide Bamboo Cotton inner Vest for Men is cloud-soft and super light, offering you a one-of-a-kind experience. This mens vest is much softer than your average cotton vest and remains soft and new even after many washes.

Modern Crew Premium Mens Vests– Just the Right Comfort You Always Need: 

At Modern Crew, we focus on giving our customers the utmost comfort at all times, keeping just the right support for your body shape and muscles. Modern Crew Premium vests material is made up of cotton, spandex, and our hero player, Bamboo. 

This unconventional idea and its research brought shining results to our team, making the clothing material extremely cloud-like, soft, stretchable, and durable. The exact right comfort gives you the freedom to move around anytime anywhere in the day. 

Our best vest for men is stretchable and fit for all, keeping in mind that all bodies are different. Some possess a muscular body whereas some are lean. The very fabric of Modern Crew’s best vest for men innerwear fits all sizes & shapes perfectly which makes them extremely comforting during all the day’s acts. 

No more frequent tucking is needed as it stays with your body and keeps itself on your skin, still doesn’t feel sticky or cause sweat. 

Glide with Modern Crew Men Vests

Modern Crew Premium Men Vests Quality: 

After our team gave in, we came across the unconventional combination of nature and science and a balance between them gives the perfect design, comfort, and luxury. We bring a design that seems familiar but feels different. 

  1. Premium Light weight Fabric: 

We have developed an innovative fabric that is exceptionally lightweight, durable, and twice as soft as cotton, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout your day. Its ribbed texture not only enhances aesthetics but also positions it as the best vest for men.

  1. Wide Straps

Wide straps give you a better grip on your shoulders. 

  1. No-Show Neckline: 

Deeper neckline which allows you to flaunt a classic open first button look. 

  1. Anti-odour, Anti-Bacterial: 

No odour and no microbial infection due to a natural bacteriostatic bioagent found in bamboo, one of the key constituents in the fabric of Modern Crew Vests. 

  1. Stays Tucked On: 

Say goodbye to frequent tucking and embarrassing public situations. Our men black vests stay tucked in for a longer time and give you the right grip all along. 

Benefits of Bamboo Cotton Mens Vest: 

  1. Men’s Hygiene: 

The Glide Bamboo Cotton Men Vests online is more than just a comfortable and stylish innerwear choice. Bamboo fibre has a natural bacteriostatic bioagent ‘Bamboo Kun, which fights bacterial growth, hence making this vest odourless and a great choice for men looking for hygiene when they purchase men’s innerwear.

  1.     Thermoregulation Effect

The thermoregulating fabric ensures better moisture absorption and ventilation, keeping you up to 2 degrees cooler in the summer season and cosy in the winter season, making it an all-season men’s innerwear staple for the modern man.

  1.     No Show Neckline

The neckline is functionally designed in such a way that it falls below your first open button in your Polos or Shirts thus offering you an option to keep your first button open for better air circulation and also, saving you from any embarrassment when your vest peeps through your T-shirt or Polos.

  1.     Sustainable Clothing:

Glide Bamboo Cotton Men white Vests is a great option for people who are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable clothing products. Bamboo grass is fast-growing and therefore, it requires less water. This grass is also naturally resistant to pests and diseases which eliminates the need for using excessive chemicals and fertilisers. Bamboo is also a renewable resource meaning it can be harvested and replanted with minimal impact of soil erosion and environmental damage. Bamboo is biodegradable and requires less energy and water to produce than traditional fabrics.

  1.     Style, Size & Colour Options:

These inners for men are 100% made in India. We offer vests in 2 styles – Regular Fit and Body Fit. We recommend body-fit men’s vests for people with lean or muscular bodies as these vests are body-hugging. Regular fit men black vests are slightly loose and designed to give a relaxed feel. These vests are available in 5 sizes i.e. S, M, L, XL, and XXL sizes come in 3 basic colours: Black Vests, Grey Vests and men white Vests.

Modern Crew Mens Vests Technology- Bringing Luxury Softer, Smoother, and Relaxing: 

We make men vests 2X comforting.  

Modern Crew premium inner vest for men feel like a cloud covering your body, keeping it clean, odour-free, and refreshing all day long. With a fabric made up of Bamboo, Cotton, and Spandex, the fabric of our very vests is 2 times softer than cotton. 

They are softer, lighter, and smoother, giving you an experience of utmost comfort each day. Whether you’re going to the office, having a short trip in the sun, going to a different city, or just sitting on your couch watching Netflix, our men white vests are up for everyday situations and lifetime adventures. 

Enjoy 7 Days Replacement Policy: 

We offer you our special Happy Customer Guarantee. 

We’re highly confident about all our products and would be happy to see them using them. We welcome you to have a free trial of our premium inner vest for men for 7 days and if you somehow feel that they don’t suit you well, we are happy to be at your service. 

We will happily exchange or replace them for you!

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  • Product Category : Innerwear - Vests
  • Quantity : 1N
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Manufactured & Marketed By : Modern Crew Lifestyle Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Warehouse No.1, Bilaspur Taoru Road, Fatehpur, Nuh, Haryana, 122105
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