Men’s Underwear Types: Everything You Need To Know

DATE: April 29, 2024

Men’s Underwear comes in different styles and each style has a unique design that provides comfort and support. We are sure that you have seen different types of underwear but do you know about them all? Knowing them will help you decide the best one for your comfort, style, and lifestyle. So, if you are looking for underwear that you can wear every day or during sports activities, this article will help you understand the different types of men’s underwear and also help you to choose the best one for you.

Modern Crew Briefs

1. Traditional style Briefs:

Traditional-style underwear will cover your body from the waist to your thighs. Its design is Y-shaped from the front which gives full coverage. It is made from cotton so it can maintain good air circulation and feel comfy on the skin. This style is well-known in the market and is perfect for everyday wear

2. Boxers:

Boxers are loose-fitting in their design and they are an extra comfy type of underwear. A boxer underwear has a longer leg length. It usually goes down to the middle of your thigh and unlike tight Brief underwear, boxers give you the flexibility to move freely while walking or running.

They are pretty easy to wear or remove and are made up of breathable fabrics like polyester to avoid moisture and keep you dry all day long.

3. Trunks:

Trunks fall in the middle of Traditional-Style underwear and Boxers this means it does not feel as tight as a Traditional-Style and it isn’t as long as boxers. So, if you don’t like to feel tight or too bulky than trunks could be the best fit for you, its design has square-shaped openings for your legs.

It will fit your body perfectly, and avoid feelings of tightness or bulkiness. Plus, it is made from stretchy material that can adjust itself according to your body movement so you can jump, and play without any discomfort.

4. Jockstrap:

Jockstrap is made for high-intensity sports activities and its design protects the front of the genital area by fully covering it. The jockstrap comes with a built-in pocket, so you can insert a protective cup for extra protection. 

This feature would be very beneficial for you if you play sports or do activities where there’s a chance of impact on the groyne area. Remember that a Jockstrap provides very little coverage because it leaves the back entirely exposed or open, so to keep the protection and not lose coverage, you can combine a Jockstrap with boxer briefs or other underwear.

5. Long underwear

Long underwear is also known as thermal underwear or long johns. It is good for winter sessions and covers the entire length of your legs. Long underwear is designed to not feel too bulky, which means it will give you flexibility in movement, and keep you warm during outdoor activities like walking, running, or hiking in cold weather. 

You can easily wear it under your regular clothes without feeling bulky. This type of underwear is made from materials like cotton, wool, and polyester so it will keep you warm and dry all day long.

Premium Modern crew underwear

6. Thongs and G-strings 

Thongs and G-strings are different from other underwear but are similar to Jockstrap. Their design goes between your buttocks and they have a small piece in the front that covers your private parts.

The good thing about their design is that you can wear them under tight clothes and they won’t show any lines and look very smooth. Just like jockstraps, Thongs, and G-strings don’t cover much of your skin but still, they’re very comfortable when you wear them.

They are stretchable, so you can move around easily without feeling too tight. Thongs and G-strings are made from materials like cotton, nylon, and mesh. These materials are stretchable and flexible and are good for everyday use.

7. Bikini Cut

The Bikini cut is a well-known underwear because of its shape. Its length usually covers up your hip bones and provides good coverage and support. Bikini cut is made from fabrics like nylon, cotton, or microfiber. Each fabric provides some good benefits, for example, Cotton is breathable, so it can help maintain good airflow and microfiber can help with softness. It is overall a very unique underwear and is liked by many men.

Important things to consider before choosing the right men’s underwear:

1.      Fit and Comfort:

Before purchasing, make sure that the underwear fits you perfectly and it feels comfy. It shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose. Remember, good underwear doesn’t feel too tight, and is very flexible.

2.      Material

Look at what materials the underwear is made of. Cotton fabrics are breathable and comfortable. They allow air to circulate to keep you cool and dry. Nylon or polyester are also good because they help to prevent sweat from contacting the skin.

Modern Crew uses micromodal which is a better fabric option than cotton. Most premium underwear comes in 100% cotton or cotton-spandex mix which offer better stretch & flexibility. 

3.      Hygiene and Care

Make a routine to wash the underwear regularly and Keep it clean and fresh. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener because they can damage the fabrics. Moreover, change underwear as needed to maintain its comfort and hygiene.

Benefits of Choosing Premium Men Underwear:

1. Keeps you at comfort in all situations. 

2. Premium underwear is durable and proves to be cost-effective. 

3. Promotes health & hygiene with modern technologies like Silver Ion. 

4. Improves your confidence and boosts self-esteem. 

5. Offers adaptability to different outfits. 

6. Controls odour, and keeps you fresh all the time. 

7. Gives you better posture. 

8. Improves your aesthetics. 

9. They are Eco-friendly. 


In conclusion, this article has discussed different types of underwear men and their unique designs. From Traditional style Briefs to thongs and jockstraps, there is a wide range of variety available for you to choose.

Understanding the different varieties and what you prefer can help you choose underwear that suits you.

Finally, remember when picking underwear, it is important to consider how well it fits you, how comfortable it feels on your skin, and what it’s made of. Use the information given here to make a wise investment.

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